“I've been training with Lori for over 9 years. She used Pilates as a base for my Fysiotherapy treatments and I'm able to stand and walk again after my pregnancies. Now I have arthritis in my hips and with my weekly pilates training helps keep me strong in my core and agile with stability in my muscles.”

  • Cassandra

“Lori is one of the best instructors I've ever had, and I have been doing Pilates for almost 20 years. Her knowledge as a physical therapist really adds to her ability to help and guide you to continually improve your Pilates practice.”

  • Meredith

“Extremely attentive and professional practitioner - Lori has the real Pilates equipment: she brings a unique combination of classical Pilates together with her professional physiotherapist training to offer custom made training! Basically, she fixed me!”

  • Pierre

“Bij Lori geweest voor lage rugpijn. Ik kan haar zeker aanraden als fysiotherapeut. Ook aangesloten bij de zorgverzekeraar(I went to Lori for low back pain. I can certainly recommend her as a fysiotherapist. Also covered by insurance)”

  • Rab

“For people who are looking to increase strength, tone, stability and flexibility I can really recommend to try Pilates with Lori. She combines her years of fysio knowledge with her Pilates classes. I take private lessons with her, she really makes them custom to what my body needs and I have seen tremendous improvements in my body strength, core stability and flexibility (really needed that after years just doing weight workout in the gym and cardio). And the best part... it's a lot of fun training with her!”

  • Floor

“Thru Pilates I have improved my flexibility, balance, prevented injuries and it has enhanced my performance in sports.”

  • Erik, 4 time Squash Dutch Champion

“I came to study in the Netherlands from Spain. Unfortunately I had a bad car accident in which I suffered from a whiplash. I've been going to Lori for fysio and she has helped me so much. I have less pain, more movement and able to work the whole day. The combination of pilates with my fysio treatment has been extremely effective because Lori treats the body as a whole. She is very knowledgeable with years of clinical experience and so much fun to work with”

  • Eva

“I've been training with Lori for over 8 years and she always a solution. As a certified physiotherapist and pilates teacher she is always able to help me with my shoulders or back.”

  • Ruth

“Great place for Pilates but not only! The combination with Fysio is perfect and made a lot of progress for me.Highly recommended

  • Riki

“Quality teaching, highly recommended. Very good lessons, highly recommended.Lori has a good understanding of what your possibilities are because she is an experienced physical therapist and pilates instructor. With her, quality exceeds quantity. I've been following personal trainings with Lori for more than 5 years. As a 68 year old man Pilates has kept me flexible and strong. She's also alot of fun!”

  • Jack