Lori NeJaime, the owner of NeJaime Fysio Pilates, has been a registered physiotherapist for 25+ years and a certified Pilates instructor for 15+ years.

Lori works in both the Netherlands and United States. She is a member of the KNGF and a teacher trainer for MVE Peak Pilates. She has worked and been invited to presented  workshops in New York City, London, Amsterdam and now Maastricht. Lori combines working as a physiotherapist  in the U.S. with Pilates training and attends workshops to keep learning.

Lori’s approach to her physiotherapy practice is to look at the whole body as an interconnected structure, targeting the core. It was an obvious step to integrate Pilates into her physiotherapy treatments, resulting in very happy, pain-free clients. She makes a point of teaming with other health care practitioners, including chiropractors, osteopaths, spine specialists, manual therapists and acupuncturists, to boost the effectiveness of treatment.

She has had the good fortune to work with Olympian athletes, world-class equestrians, national, European and world squash champions, well-known vocalists and a host of local and international celebrities Andreu Reiu, Mirusia and Carmen, Tefaf Exhibitors,  Hans van Wolder former owner of Beluga.


Carla teaches yoga in Lori’s studio.

After ten years of practicing yoga and undergoing Kundalini training, Carla discovered a new passion as a yoga teacher. It gives her satisfaction to do what she enjoys and to share her passion with others. Carla’s yoga style is best described as Vinyasa Flow, which is inspired by Ashtanga, Power and Kundalini yoga and based on the sequence of the sun and moon, the morning and evening.

Carla also gives workshops and meditation and private yoga sessions inspired by her Kundalini training.


Christina Cuijpers teaches Pilates in Lori's studio. 

Exercise is a common thread in her life. She started dancing at an early age and attended the Dance Academy in Maastricht. It was then that she discovered Pilates, body balance and yoga and started specializing in these methods.

Christina wants to help her clients maintain a healthy lifestyle by teaching high-quality exercise classes. She believes that Pilates makes people more aware of their bodies and helps them gain mental and physical strength. She wants the lessons that clients take from her classes to be useful to them in their daily lives. Above all, she wants them to take pleasure in movement!