What is Pilates?

The Pilates method was developed by Joseph Pilates. It consists of exercises typically performed on a floor mat or with the use of special equipment. It improves flexibility and stability by strengthening the muscles, particularly the muscles of the abdomen and lower back.

Pilates is a mind-and-body workout based on six principles: concentration, control, centering, precision, breathing and flow of movement. It complements all other forms of exercise and improves the body’s efficiency and power by re-training your deep postural muscles. Or you may want to join one of our Pilates classes.

What are the benefits of Pilates?

Our team combines physiotherapy principles with Pilates to teach you how to target your core abdominal and spinal muscles. You will find that this approach will help you:

  •     Decrease pain
  •     Correct and improve your posture
  •     Develop the strength and flexibility of your spine
  •     Improve overall fitness
  •     Increase the range of movement of your joints
  •     Control breathing 
  •     Relieve stress and relax

Group lessons

Group Pilates classes are fun, uplifting and social. NeJaime offers dynamic mat classes for all levels using small equipment (magic circles, Triadballs, weights, resistance bands, rollers and fitness balls). We keep the classes small – usually a maximum of eight people – to ensure that everyone is in proper alignment, moving correctly and receiving personal attention.

Personal Training

Our personal training sessions are one-on-one or duet (two people) and make use of all Peak Pilates equipment. Individual attention is especially important for newcomers and those with more individual needs.

Who will benefit from Pilates?

 People who suffer from:

  •     Back pain
  •     Spinal problems
  •     Arthritis
  •     Poor posture
  •     Injury rehabilitation and prevention
  •     Before and after pregnancy
  •     Neurological conditions
  •     Chronic pain conditions
  •     Post-surgery

How can Pilates help me?

 It will:

  •     Reduce muscle spasm
  •     Correct muscle imbalance
  •     Restore normal and efficient movement patterns
  •     Reduce pain from poor posture
  •     Encourage the correct alignment of the spine
  •     Improve movement control
  •     Increase muscle tone